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28 March 2010

H50 Jazz Box by Harmony Guitars

Harmony H50 Jazz Box Road Test/ with a Crate DX112 modeling amp

Charlie (Harmony Guitars) Thanks for letting me demo this Guitar

I’ll start off by saying, this guitar is not an Heirloom or Boutique Guitar

What it is, is a fine Retro guitar

A pleasure to play, it sparks your memory of your childhood

It reminded me of when I was growing up (a long time ago) and wanting to learn to play guitar (admit it most of us, started on a Harmony, in one form or another)

It’s not a “Cheap” Guitar”, the first time you hold in your hands, you’ll know

You don’t have to spend 1000.00’s of dollars or sell your soul to own it

But make no mistake, it’s a fine musical instrument

My initial comments

  • Very Bright Tone
  • Low Action/Good Feel
  • Good Harmonics
  • Lightweight Body

I loved the sound of the pick up thru my Crate DX112 amp

It sounded GOOD on various amp settings (Vox AC 30, HiWatt,Fender Black face, 60’s Marshall, 70’s Marshall, Blue Voodoo, and Vintage Club)

It’s definitely a Guitar you should have in your arsenal, if you’re looking for that Cool Retro sound.

06 November 2009

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus Review

I own this pedal, I like to write about things I know about! You can believe the phrase, ” The Coolest, Sweetest Chorus Ever!”

Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus Pedal

I have used this pedal with both guitar and bass, awesome for both.

This Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus pedal is one of the companies best, it comes with a cool booklet that helps you create different colors of sound, remember it is your pedal don’t be afraid to run it through it’s paces.

If you are searching this one out, get the 18 volt, the 9 volt is good but I like the 18v, (what’s 9 volts, a lot believe me)

My son has the 9 volt and he is always stealing my 18 volt Cool Cat!! Because he says it sounds better!

Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus Pedal.

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18 May 2009

Ibanez Gio

Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black

The Gio GSR206 from Ibanez is a 6-string bass guitar built with an agathis body, one-piece maple neck, and fitted with chrome hardware. The Gio’s Phat II EQ plus dual volume and tone knobs help you dial in the sound you seek from the DHX-6 pickups.

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18 May 2009

Angus Young Guitar Equipment

Gibson Angus Young Signature Humbucker Nickel

These pickups have some smooth tone even at high rocking volume’s.  If you are looking to achieve tone through your pedal effects, keep looking though, this is for the raw rockers.

If  it’s the whole package you want and you happened to win the lotto – here’s one to check out if you are a true Angus Young Fan.

Gibson Angus Young Signature SG Nickel Hardware

Gibson Angus Young Signature SG Nickel Hardware


Thank you to Dale for submitting the following review on his Blue Ridge BR 160 Guitar – Blueridge has a line up of Acoustics that have a great sound.

Blueridge Historic Series BR-160 Adirondack Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Blueridge BR-160 Historic Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Blueridge BR-160C Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

As for Jeff’s dream guitar – take a look at this baby.. I hadn’t thought about one of these in quite some time – Martin D-45V Acoustic Guitar Natural

Martin D-45V Acoustic Guitar Natural

Make/Model of Guitar Blueridge BR 160
How long have you owned this guitar? 4 years
What are it’s best features? This guitar has a wonderful tone, great craftsmanship, and it did not cost an arm and leg.
What are it’s worst features? None, so far.
Where did you purchase this guitar? Music Folk, St. Louis, MO
Have you modified it in any way? Yes
If yes, please share! Lowered the action, it is almost equivalent to and electirc!
Would you recommend purchasing one? Yes
What’s your dream guitar? Martin D 45


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Black Heart Amps, there is quite a line up there. The one I got was the “The Little Giant

Blackheart BH5H Little Giant 5W 120V Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

It was constructed by the same man who made the Epiphone Valve Junior.  You can customize the tone to your exact needs on the BH5H Little Giant .Blackheart BH5H Little Giant 5W 120V Tube Guitar Amp Head Black
When you get this little amp rocking on 10, you get yourself a sweetness, that most men will climb a mountain to get, and if you still live at home with your mother because you are a struggling musician with the flip of a switch you can knock the watts from 5 to 3 so mom can still watch her soaps without your intense rocking without tearing down her collection of nick-nacks of fthe wall.

The Blackheart has the perfect blend of being a great practice amp, and it is loud enough to keep up with the most crazed drummer and his 24 inch bass drum!

There are several Blackheart Amps to choose from – check out this laundry list

Blackheart BH5-112 5W 1×12 Little Giant Tube Combo Amp Black

Blackheart BH15H Handsome Devil Series 15W Tube Amp Head Black

Blackheart Killer Ant BH1H 1W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black


06 April 2009

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Review

Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

Ah, the EH Bigg Muff has been a staple in rock music since the day it emerged from the bowels of the Electro-Harmonix Plant.Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

It’s simple interface makes it so easy to use, even the most novice of players can rock out like the greats with this pedal.

Its 3 controls consist of volume, tone & sustain.  The volume adds exactly what it says, volume and boy does it add that.  Tone gives you that sweet tone you may be looking for.

Sustain gives you some good sustain, but it is more about the distoration, that swee “manic depresive heavy kind of distortion that every body loves.  This pedal may not be huge, but the sound it generates is way bigger than the pedal itself.  It also features a very rugged metal case.

It’s an A in my book..

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Electro-Harmonix XO Holy Grail Plus Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal
The En HG+ captures the spring reverb tone greatly! It was hard for me to tell the difference between the pedal and the actual spring reverb of my amp.

The pedal is much more tweakable than most spring reverbs on amps too! Plus it has more than just spring reverb, it has hall, room and flerb too.  Hall and room are pretty self explanatory, but Flerb is a great feature, it’s reverb mixed with a flanger.  It is great for some of those psycadelic progressive sounds.

The EH Hg is a  great addition for amps, without reverb and even with amps that do.

Electro-Harmonix XO Holy Grail Plus Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

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Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster Effects Pedal

This pedal is great for the player who really is more into just the amp and guitar itself.  This little monster features just one knob and a switch for the man who loves to keep it simple.

The Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster Effects Pedal
the single knob on this pedal is labeled “gain” it goes from 6 to 25 dbs.  This isn’t as much as a gain as it is “more volume” knob.

It does not distort it just adds more volume, which translates into that sweet, sweet amp gain.  It can go from mild to over the top rock god lead tones.

So people listening will say, hey, how did that cat get the sound I have been looking for all of my life? If you play single coil pickups even better, because the P/U switch can make them sound like a vintage humbucker or a new high gain pickup.

Your Strat can sound like a heavy SG one song and then transform back into a clean and twangy strat the next.

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03 April 2009

James Hetfield Equipment

A Fifth in a series, James Hetfield has quite a following ESP James Hetfield LTD Truckster Electric Guitar Aged Primer Gray

A heavy metal songwrites idol, James Hetfield can teach an art that will keep the heads banging Cherry Lane The Art of James Hetfield.

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